Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions for Project Applicants*

Per the updated C/CAG TDM Policy, project applicants proposing new development with at least 100 ADT are required to submit a TDM Checklist alongside their development application to the appropriate local jurisdiction in charge of review.

To complete the Checklist, the project applicant should first determine their project size and type (i.e., Small/Large, Residential/Non-Residential) and select the appropriate Checklist corresponding to this project category. Please also refer to relevant guidance available in the Policy Approach, Implementation Guide, FAQ, List of TDM Measures and “High Quality” Transit Definition.

The Checklist is essentially composed of three (3) sections:

  1. project/applicant information
  2. Required Measures
  3. Additional Recommended Measures

The project applicant shall fill in all relevant information, including selection of TDM measures, to meet the minimum trip reduction threshold based on project type.

Applicants may complete the Checklist electronically, or fill out using blue or black ink, then submit the completed Checklist to the local jurisdiction with land use and development review authority for the proposed project. For help determining appropriate jurisdiction, please contact the planning department for the municipality in which the project is located.

For any questions or requests for support regarding completing the Checklist, please contact:

*Some jurisdictions may be exempted from this TDM Policy. To verify, applicants are requested to confirm this status with the local Planning Department responsible for development review.

For Local Jurisdictions in Charge of Development Review

At the beginning of the CEQA process, or within 10 days of receipt of an application that meets the 100 ADT threshold, the local jurisdiction shall notify C/CAG by email or written letter. Such notice is to include a brief project description (land use type, size, location), and acknowledgement that the project will be subject to C/CAG TDM Policy requirements.

The responsible local jurisdiction is expected to verify the accuracy and completeness of the applicant’s TDM Checklist submittal. This includes ensuring use of the appropriate Checklist (i.e., Small/Large, Non-Residential/Residential), and verifying that all “Required Measures” are included, as well as sufficient “Additional Recommended” measures, to collectively achieve the target trip reduction percentage for the project type (either 25% or 35%; refer to the Policy Approach document for details). If needed, will be available to help the local jurisdiction review the applicant’s Checklist and can advise appropriate TDM Checklist measures.

Once the local jurisdiction has verified the applicant’s Checklist accuracy and completeness, the jurisdiction must notify C/CAG at Such notice is to include a brief project description (land use type, size, location), and acknowledgement that the project will be subject to these TDM Policy Requirements. The local jurisdiction may also forward the actual, submitted TDM Checklist at this time as well. C/CAG will not conduct further development review; it will simply file the notice and/or Checklist for administrative proof of record and future monitoring and reporting purposes.

The project then proceeds through the jurisdiction’s standard review process. Importantly – if approved at the local level, the project is to be conditioned upon approval of both implementation of the selected measures in the Checklist and on-going monitoring and reporting requirements. At the conclusion of the local development review process, the local jurisdiction staff shall forward the final approved Checklist to C/CAG.

To submit the Checklist by email, please send to:

Otherwise, paper submissions may be sent to:

C/CAG TDM Program
555 County Center, 5th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063