About C/CAG TDM Program

C/CAG is responsible for overseeing the San Mateo Congestion Management Program (CMP). The Land Use Impact Analysis Program Policy – also known as the “TDM Policy” – is a component of this CMP. The TDM Policy provides guidelines for analyzing the impact of land use decisions made by local municipalities in San Mateo County. The purpose of the policy is to preserve acceptable performance on the countywide CMP network, and to establish community standards for consistent, system-wide review of development-related transportation impacts

As of January 1, 2022, the C/CAG TDM Policy requires that local jurisdictions in San Mateo County notify C/CAG of any new development project within their purview that is estimated to generate at least 100 Average Daily Trips (ADT). Previously, the threshold for local jurisdictions to notify C/CAG of new development projects was 100 net peak hour trips, or those proposed as part of a General Plan Amendment (GPA).

All C/CAG member jurisdictions are subject to this TDM Policy – unless expressly exempted by C/CAG. Paths to exemption are explained in greater detail in the Implementation Guide.

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