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M6 - Transit or Ridesharing Passes/Subsidies

Offer public transit passes or subsidies; or carpool/vanpool subsidies to tenants’ equivalent to 30% of the value of their monthly fare or $50 monthly, to incentivize transit use and ridesharing and comply with regional environmental sustainability goals.

NOTE: Funding contributions towards and/or participation in Commute.org shuttle program does not count for this measure. Passes/subsides provided must be valid for public transportation options, including but not limited to BART, Caltrain, SamTrans, and ridesharing platforms and vanpool subscription (or costs).

This measure applies to:

  • Residential (Multi-Family): Large Project
  • Residential (Multi-Family): Small Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Large Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Small Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Large Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Small Project
  • Retail: Large Project
  • Retail: Small Project