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M8 - Secure Bicycle Storage

Provide safe and convenient long-term (Class I) bicycle parking. Long-term bicycle parking should offer protection from weather and convenient access to and from the street, without the need to use stairs and with doorways and corridors that are sufficiently wide to navigate with a bicycle. Short term (Class II) bicycle parking should be near pedestrian entries and may be in the public right-of-way. Short term bicycle parking may be used for visitors, couriers, or customers, typically for less than two hours.

This measure applies to:

  • Residential (Multi-Family): Large Project
  • Residential (Multi-Family): Small Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Large Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Small Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Large Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Small Project
  • Retail: Large Project
  • Retail: Small Project