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M19 - Land Dedication or Capital Improvements for Transit

Contribute space on, or adjacent to, the project site for transit improvements. Scoring for this measure is tiered, based how many improvements are implemented from the list of sub-types:

  • Bus Pullout Space
  • Bus Shelter
  • Visual/Electrical Improvements
  • Other (micromobility parking zone, TNC loading zone, et al)

Each of these improvement sub-types is worth 1 percentage point (%) of trip reduction. Achieving 4 improvements equals the full 4% trip reduction allocated to this measure. Land dedication sufficient to accommodate at least 4 improvements will also score the full 4% allocation.

This measure applies to:

  • Residential (Multi-Family): Large Project
  • Residential (Multi-Family): Small Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Large Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Small Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Large Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Small Project
  • Retail: Large Project
  • Retail: Small Project