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M18 - Car Share On-Site

Provide on-site car share or vehicle fleets. Availability of car-share vehicles reduces the need for individual vehicle ownership, which, in turn, reduces VMT of individuals. Car share provides vehicles for those trips that are not convenient to make by transit, walking, or bicycling, such as large shopping trips. Subsidizing car share membership creates a higher demand for car share vehicles and may reduce the barrier for individuals to try car share services. Similarly, on-site fleet vehicles at employer sites allow employees who use a commute alternative to run errands during the day or attend off-site meetings.

This measure applies to:

  • Residential (Multi-Family): Large Project
  • Residential (Multi-Family): Small Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Large Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Small Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Large Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Small Project
  • Retail: Large Project
  • Retail: Small Project