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M4 - Actively Participate in Commute.org or Transportation Management Association (TMA) Equivalent

Sites shall register with Commute.org or else join or create a Transportation Management Association (TMA) with equivalent TDM service, whose role is to coordinate transportation-related programs and services in specific geographic areas.

Notably, for Large Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional, as well as Medical & Lodging) projects categorized as Transit Proximate there are five components an applicant must fulfill to satisfactorily implement this measure:

  1. Obtain certification of participation with Commute.org, or equivalent program.
  2. Provide commute assistance or ride-matching program.
  3. Provide (or fund) a dedicated shuttle program/consortium or equivalent transit service.
  4. Provide Guaranteed Ride Home (Read more about Guaranteed Ride Home)
  5. Supply orientation, education, and promotional programs and/or materials for tenants

For all other project size and land use classifications, the third component above is not requirement as part of this measure.

This measure applies to:

  • Residential (Multi-Family): Large Project
  • Residential (Multi-Family): Small Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Large Project
  • Non-Residential (Office, Industrial, Institutional): Small Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Large Project
  • Medical & Lodging: Small Project
  • Retail: Large Project
  • Retail: Small Project